Miles Hammond
01 Two - Blake Mills
02 A Walking Embrace - Nils Frahm
03 Bowen - Goldmund
04 Duet - Steve Reich
05 Four2 - John Cage
06 Dead Beats: II - Alvin Curran
07 Near Light - Ólafur Arnalds
08 Portrait Gallery - Luke Howard
09 Midwayer - Joep Beving
10 Rings Of Saturn - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Playlist 04, April 2020

Ólafur - Modular typeface design experiments

Experimenting with some rudimentary type design while in isolation. Taking inspiration from Crouwel, Frutiger, Ben Bos, Accept and Proceed, Muir McNeil and countless other leading designers.
01 Ansss1 - Prison Religion
02 55 Year Old Daughter - Giant Swan
03 Taking Off - clipping.
04 Spikes - Death Grips
05 War Is Hell - Ho99o9
06 Virus://Vibrance - Vein
07 Fatal - Year of the Knife
08 Their Voice - Moralslip
09 Descending Into the Unknown - Wormrot
10 Mardi Gras In New Orleans - Professor Longhair

Playlist 03, March 2020

“This exhibition was exhaustive in it's research, selection of archive material and curative approach. It featured five, well-paced, spacious yet captivating rooms showcasing a selection of film extracts, publications, original drawings and even three-dimensional sets for visitors to interact with while the biographical elements were interspersed between vividly engaging supporting reference material.”
01 Hairpin - Pinegrove
02 A Couple Days - Valley Maker
03 On the Sly - Jodi
04 Curls - Bibio
05 Blue Mountains - Sam Amidon
06 Daniel - Sam Skinner
07 Holllllogram - Joshua Burnside, Alana Henderson
08 Clairvoyant - Friendship
09 Dark Room (Demo) - Choir Boy
10 Missing Persons - Blue Ranger

Hitchcock, beyond suspense

Playlist 02, February 2020


Labanotation + the study of movement

"For most of us, sheet music, or the written form of musical notation, is quite familiar. Although there is only a small percentage of people who understand the formal workings of it, how each symbol informs the pitch, rhythm or chords of the corresponding piece etc., it is likely that most people would recognise the familiar shape of a treble clef, or a bulbous row of crotchets lined up one by one interwoven into the lines of the stave."


A photo series looking to document a local sports club and its modest, quaint and long-standing British values.

Cleeve Hill Tennis Club, founded in 1929, has seen hundreds of devoted members play for and represent the club throughout its lifetime - engaging in sports & social activities to support community life in Downend, Bristol.

It epitomises the charm and character in sports & social clubs throughout Britain.

Playlist 01, January 2020

01 Breathe (In The Air) - Pink Floyd
02 Everything In Its Right Place - Radiohead
03 Persephone - Tamino
04 Beach Baby - Bon Iver
05 Into Dust - Mazzy Star
06 White Leather - Wolf Alice
07 Love Me In Whatever Way - James Blake
08 Something In The Way - Nirvana
09 Yes I'm Changing - Tame Impala
10 Godspeed - Frank Ocean